Star Child Montessori Policies

Below is a summary of the nursery policies. For a detailed policy and procedures, please contact the nursery office staff.

We provide three fresh meals a day and two snacks in between.  Our menu is prepared daily by our cook. We always use the freshest ingredients. The variety reflects a healthy, well balanced diet.  We cater for  most dietary needs and a vegetarian alternative is always available.  Babies will receive meals in consultation with parents.  Meal times for babies are flexible; however by the age of about 18 months we will encourage them to follow a routine. A full menu is always on display.

Children are asked not to attend the nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea or any other infection that may be transmitted to any other children. The nursery requires parents to respect this policy, in the interest of everyone’s health and safety.  Parents are welcome to discuss these conditions or any other concerns they may have with the manager. If your child falls ill or has an accident during the day, we may need to contact you, so please leave a daytime contact number. 

Medicines can be administered as long as the Doctor has prescribed it, the Medication Book is signed and we have a letter of consent. If your child has any allergies, please inform the manager and/or key person.

 It is the nursery’s policy to only hand over the child to the parent/carer or to someone who has been authorized in writing to collect the child.  Parents/carers are asked to personally introduce us to any other person who may be required to collect their child. In the event of an emergency, whereby a child needs to be collected by someone we are not familiar with, the procedure is as follows; The person collecting your child must bring a proof of identity for security reasons.  You will also be asked to forward a password to the person collecting your child.

We believe that children benefit greatly from gradual introduction to the nursery.  Attending a new nursery for the first time is a big step in children’s lives, even if they have previously been taken cared for by a child minder or other nursery.  To aid this change, we encourage the parents to spend some time at the nursery, if they feel it is appropriate. Our staffs are trained in handling those first few days in the nursery with expert care.  The aim is that each child starting nursery is happy and comfortable in his new environment. Parents may wish to bring a comfort blanket or a toy from home.

Children are required to wear clothing suitable for nursery activities.  We ask that you provide some spare clothing preferably labeled with their name. Accidents may occur during toilet training or during messy activities.  Staff and children are required to wear indoor slippers, not shoes whilst in the baby unit. Children must wear nursery uniform once they turn two years (except those children attending for their 15 hours entitlement only) .  These are available to purchase from the Nursery.

At Star Child Montessori we have a responsibility to follow the guidelines set by OFSTED under the Children Act 1989 on child protection issues.  If any child is suspected of neglect and/or abuse the matter will be first dealt with by the nursery and if necessary referred to the department of social services.

The staffs are committed to equality.  They recognize that children’s attitude towards others are established in these early years. We welcome everyone who applies for entry regardless of their race, ethnic origin, culture, disability or religion.

We are committed to provide a healthy and safe environment both inside in the nursery and outside in the playground.  We know your child is special so we make safety and security our top priority. Our high staff to pupil ratio ensures close supervision at all times. We are legally obliged to comply with the national standards by OFSTED on issues regarding Child Protection, Equal opportunities and Health and Safety. The Nursery has a CCTV camera in operation. 

If for any reason you have a complaint about the service we offer at Star Child Montessori please notify the manager or the proprietor.  We will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.  If this is still not satisfactory to yourselves, you may contact OFSTED on 0300 123 1231. Nurseries policies may be reviewed – for an updated version please asks for a copy at the office. The current policies/terms will apply.