Latest Coronavirus Update

Latest Coronavirus Update

What are we doing with all the changes from the pandemic?
With these uncertain times, we have made sure our priority is making sure that children and staff are safe.

What are we doing differently?

  • Only granting children access to the Nursery.
  • Children wash their hands as soon as they enter the nursery.
  • Parents settling children wear mask and sanitise whilst in the rooms.
  • Virtual staff meetings/trainings.
  • Temporarily suspended all open days
  • Keeping children and staff in bubbles.
  • Children will have lunch in their bubbles.

What are we continuing to do?

  • Give a high standard of education
  • Sanitise all areas of the Nursery and toys
  • Keep parents up to date with their children’s days and development
  • Keep up to date with updates from the government
  • We will keep you updated of any more changes.

Thank you for being so supportive.