Pluto Room

“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence”

Dr Maria Montessori

nursery in thornton heath

Pluto room is for our babies under 2 years. We have a key person approach to enable and support close attachments with our staff team who are loving, nurturing and trained in child development. We support play using natural materials, such as heuristic play and treasure baskets. The environment provides a rich, varied and safe space where children can play, explore and learn. The environment meets the needs for the youngest children in the nursery.

The staff ratio of 1:3.


Time Routines
8:00 Breakfast/Free Play
9:00 Circle time
9:10 Actvities/messy play
9:30 Early starters nappy changes
10:30Milk/snack time
10:45 Outdoor play
11:15 Nappy changes
11:30 Lunch time
12:00 Rest time/sleep time
2:30pm Milk/snack time
2:30 - 3:45 Activities/treasure baskets/Heuristic play
3:45 Story/circle time
4:00 Tea time
4:30 Outdoor play
5:00 Nappy changes
6:00 Home time